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The Marché International de Rungis (or Rungis International Market) is the principal market of Paris, located in the commune of Rungis, in the southern suburbs.

Since its origins in the 10th century, the central market of Paris was located in the centre of the city, in a 10-hectare area named Les Halles. It became too small to accommodate all of the business demand, and, in 1969, the market was transferred to the suburbs. Rungis has been selected because of its easy access by rail and highway and its proximity to Orly International Airport.
The complex covers 232-hectares (573 acres); 13,000 people work there every day; 26,000 vehicles enter every day and 1,698,000 tonnes of products are brought in annually. it has the largest turnover of wholesale markets in the world.

Thanks: Philippe stisi (Semmaris) and all those working in Rungis, workers of the night that welcome us with a smile. This shooting will remain in our memory.

Remerciements: Philippe Stisi (Semmaris); et toutes les personnes travaillant a Rungis ces travailleurs de la nuit qui nous ont toutes accueillies chaleureusement, avec un grand sourire. Ce reportage restera dans nos mémoires.

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Pat(non inscrit)
Quel Régal ! ! reportage très interessant quand on connait pas Rungis........ quelle organisation... quelle propreté... c'est un beau reportage et très instructif

Bravo et merci
Patoc Photography
Chouette reportage Normann, je vois que tu t'es finalement décidé à y aller
Le livre d'or est vide.