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Ancien depot de la SNCB du cote de Charleroi

Il habrite un grand nombre de locomotive declassée, car plus au norme Europenne.

L'endroit et les locomotives, sont tres bien preservée

Source: www.urbexteam.skynetblogs.be

Welcome to this old locomotives depot. There is about fifty abandoned diesel locomotives. These tiny 50 tons monsters have cute names like Edelweiss, Colibri or Artémis...

Livre d'or pour 5- Le Cimetiere de Locomotives (Belgique) Avril 2009
bruxelles5 Photography
My dear English Friend, as you can see "old locomotives depot near Charleroi" is that a location?
using this sentence can you find it? can you locate this site?
You can not.

On top of this I'm using comments to explain what is it and a little bit of history, that are already posted in other web sites. I usualy copy and paste and mention my sources of course.

If sometime i mention the exact name (in few other locations) it's because it's open to everyone, no secret and no closed door. And nore interdiction or restriction.

To bad you don't even leave your email, so I could reply directly to you instead of posting over here.

And I would like to know also if you have a web site so I can visit and see if your posting are that different.

As you can see everyone is visiting the same exact location, I'm not the first visitor and not the last one.
They will be other explorer after me.

Locations are easy to find. Or if you don't find them they don't exist anymore.

I don't see the point here to complain.

i'm looking now at "forbidden Places web site" and I see "Forges de Clabeq" I see "Ecore veterinaire d'Anderlecht" nothing different over there then over here ????
The places are also mentioned "Clabeq" "Anderlecht"

You have to tell me what is wrong here !!!

Do we have to say "a Forge somewehere in Europe" "an old veterinarian School in a country somwhere" ????
Pics are great, attitude isn't(non inscrit)
Urbex is all about conserving great locations...
Giving them away is destroying them.

You mention forbidden places as a source, maybe you'd better read & learn there ...
ARE YOU STUPID?(non inscrit)
Nobody die here, he explored the site and was the first,,,
He is the real urban EXPLORER, he explored and made some assume pictures, maybe your jalousie and you know where the location is to, but so afraid somebody else will beat you AGAIN?
Please don’t act like a child… Grow up…
You stupid !!!(non inscrit)
NEVER EVER describe where sites like these are !!!!!!!

You call yourself an urban explorer? You should be ashamed to even use that word.
Le livre d'or est vide.