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Gare de formation de Monceau-sur-Sambre

Un triage ou une gare de triage (en Belgique : gare de formation) est une gare ferroviaire spécialisée
où les wagons de marchandises isolés de leur rame initiale sont triés pour être incorporés
dans de nouveaux trains de marchandises (fret).

Source: wikipedia

A classification yard or marshalling yard (including hump yards) is a railroad yard found at some freight train stations, used to separate railroad cars on to one of several tracks.
First the cars are taken to a track, sometimes called a lead or a drill. From there the cars are sent through a series of switches called a ladder onto the classification tracks. Larger yards tend to put the lead on an artificially built hill called a hump to use the force of gravity to propel the cars through the ladder.